Sunday, June 22, 2008


wow I have a million things to write, but not much time. I love brazil!! I can not believe I am in sao paulo! wow I have to hurry. Ok, I made a friend on the plane, which was great! He was really helpful. Flying over sao paulo was amazing. The city never ends! there are buildings as far as you can see. It was like flying over a rolling ocean of buildings. And the people are so friendly. I have never been kissed on the check so many times. The hair dresser...your sunday school teacher...that is just how it is. Steve, you would love it. I am using a brazilian keyboard and do not know how to do smileys or contractions. All well.

let me see...oh man we eat sooooooooo much! Our host mom is so sweet and always feeding us. She is the littlest person but can move so fast! she practically flings food onto our plates! We have seriously considered throwing food out our window or flushing it down the toilet...haha. But I love it. My roommate just got back from mocambique where my grandpa was her professor. she is great...we are having sooo much fun!! I miss you all and can not wait to hear about what is going on with everyone. i will write more when I have more time.

oh...we are going to rio next week! classes start tomorrow. love you!!

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Tim said...

Hey sistah!!!!!! welcome to our family home evening! Me, mom, tim and Jayden got a kick out of reading your blog! i love making new friends! hurah for making new plane friends! i am the apointed scrib for this event and the rest of the gang are just kinda laughing behind me.
mom was a offended by that bit i just typed.
mom says that she has always wanted to go to rio and hopes you have a GREAT time!!! -GREAT is to be said like they say it in the tony the tiger commercial-
Brennan is still in OREGON as you know but mom wanted me to relay the message that he had a blast with you.
The goal for tonight is to send you some of our pictures from our trip, but being as challanged as we are, who knows how that will end up.
Timmy boy says to return with honor. i think he is trying to be profouund. oh he expects you to come back with a handsome brazialian boy, and i wouldn't mind if you brought one back for me too.
Jayden is too afraid to say anything to you because apparently i tweek their words before typing them. oops.

(the word verification for today is qhish)

love you mush!!!!! (mom is trying to nominate that as the other word for the day...apparently she didn't get the memo that you only get ONE word for the day)

oh and jayden wants a brazilian girl for him. k here we go to try and send you pictures.

from MOM tIm JaYdENNNNNN and me.