Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The long awaited post! It's a doozy.

Ok wow this is going to be really long. I don't remember much about things so I'm just going to insert excerpts from my journal. Ok I might have to come back and finish tomorrow because I only have 28 minutes and 53 seconds left on this computer! Ah! Ha dont't worry-it'll get done. Wow it takes me so long to type because this is a brazilian keyboard and all the punctuation is in different places.

We just got back from shopping eldorado. We rode a bus to get there which was so crowded but I loved it. Ha. I probably won't love it for long though, let's be honest. It's dark now but our apt is right across the street from this internet cafe place, which is really conveinient. Our location is amazing. We're right by all these little shops, the best hospital in the country is right up our street, the temple is across the street with the church building and distribution center right next to it, and the institute where we go to class is about 15 minutes, walking, from here. We are so blessed.

Ok, family, that was a great post. Haha I loved it!! I'm glad Katelyn was able to be scribe. Katelyn, I have the perfect guy for you. Well, not really, but I'll find him. Brazilians are so fun and nice and friendly, the members especially. Jayden, I'll get you a girl too. Don't you worry. :)
I didn't get those pictures you were talking about....I have some pictures but I only have 22 minutes now and don't want to waste time figuring out the contraption. So...just be patient. Oh I was taking pictures out of the window in the bedroom Heidi and I share, and she walked in and asked what I was doing (she didn't see my camera). I told her I was contemplating suicide (we live 9 floors up and I was hanging out the window for good pics), and she believed me!! Oh goodness we got a laugh out of that. Haha. I wish everyone could have seen her poor face.

Ok, journal excerpt time:

June 19, the plane ride over. Hmm ok I'll just summarize this one for you guys. The plane ride was soooo long. Four hours to Atlanta, and then 10 hours to Sao Paulo. Everyone around me was speaking portuguese and I just kinda panicked a bit because I didn't understand. Ah!! But don't worry, I calmed down. So...we flew all night. The guy across the aisle from me was acting memberish, so I whipped out my scriptures as a kind of test thing. Haha I'm a dork...but anyways, he asked if it was a book of mormon, if I was a member, etc, and we ended up talking almost the whole way (we eventually slept). He was flying back to Sao Paulo, where he's from originally. He was so nice and helped out in the airport when we landed and took care of my luggage and such. Haha. It was so nice to have a friend in Brazil straight away. But anyways, he lives around here and we email so that's fun.

Uh oh I gotta go bye love you email me ok I'll finish tomorrow and try to get pictures!!!

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